Topics and Titles

Prior to your event, Chad carefully researches the details, needs, and challenges of your audience and customizes his remarks to your group, making every program unique! With his matchless sense of humor and motivating stories, Chad taps into your audience and inspires them to fly higher than they ever thought possible!

The Chad Hymas experience is unforgettable!

Success and the Bird Next Door

How is it possible that someone else always finds success? What’s the secret to success that nobody told you? Don’t just sit on the sidelines as others live your dream—claim it for yourself! With a humorous approach, Chad demonstrates . . .

Chad emphasizes the power in seizing current circumstances and opportunities while holding tight to your vision until you soar!

Essential for success-driven individuals, powerful network marketing events, and highly motivated sales people and entrepreneurs!

Who Needs Legs When You Have Wings?

A motivating presentation must be accompanied by solutions that change and inspire lives. Today more than ever, people are looking not simply for entertainment, but for direction and solid answers. Chad Hymas has spent the last twenty three years developing solutions that transformed his life. His stories are moving, his courage unprecedented, and his insights profound. His accomplishments provide a powerful litmus test to the validity of these dynamic principles! In this presentation, Chad will teach your group to . . .

An incredible presentation, ideal for corporate celebrations, after-dinner keynote addresses, and broad audiences!

Get The Worm Faster: Succeed with a Bird’s Eye Perspective!

Life requires us to be problem solvers. Success requires us to be dreamers. Chad Hymas is both a dreamer and a problem solver. In his personal life, he has had to find new solutions to create mobility, strength, and business success. Wouldn’t you like your team to acquire those same skills?
With humorous stories and innovative concepts, Chad will teach your group to . . .

Awesome for businesses going through transition, mergers, or leadership reform!
This presentation is ideal to inspire employee cooperation and productivity amidst change!

Eagles Don’t Fly in Flocks, but Seagulls Never Get Lonely

How do you find the golden egg without ruffling people’s feathers? Every person on your team has a unique personality. Each task, therefore, creates a dilemma! In this presentation, especially for leadership, Chad teaches the four “flight” personality types that exist in every office, every corporation, and even every family. Your team will laugh at themselves while learning new ways of relating to one another and capitalizing on individual contribution. Understand your team players so that the entire team performs best. See how . . .

Especially motivating for business leaders, CEOs, corporate officers, essential team players, and success-driven managers!