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Why Chad?

The impression Chad leaves with those who hear him is genuine. They will have a knowledge of achieving what some say is unachievable! His words are heartfelt, sincere, and honest. Let Chad’s story impact your group to “fly high!”

Chad prepares for each event separately and incorporates his story and life experiences with the specific needs of the target audience. He will know the theme of your meeting and relate his circumstances to it. Chad enjoys studying the audience prior to speaking so that he can align his message with the personalities in your group.

When Chad was in the hospital and learning to balance his body again, his three-year-old son told him “to use his wings” because he no longer had use of his legs. Chad delivers this message to thousands and will convince your group to “stretch out their wings, take off with confidence, and not worry about where they’re going to land!”

When Chad rolls out on stage, your audience will have an immediate respect for his circumstances. His disability and what he is overcoming are a true example of the mantra “Set your mind to it and you can accomplish anything.” Through his unique sense of humor and his emotional story, your people will fly higher than they ever thought possible. …

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