Doing What Must Be Done


In 2001, then-27-year-old Chad Hymas had everything – a beautiful wife, two sons, two thriving businesses and parents and brothers who loved and supported him in everything he did. It seemed he couldn’t fail. Everything he touched turned to gold. And then a rushed decision to ignore safety in favor of getting home to see his baby boy take his first steps changed everything forever. A few minutes of caution could’ve kept his golden life on track, and he would live to regret his decision – until he changed his mind about what his life was for. Ultimately, Chad Hymas spent many weeks in the hospital and in physical therapy. The doctors determined that psychological therapy wasn’t needed, but Chad had another kind of help. He met Art Berg, another quadriplegic, who introduced himself without a word – but with plenty of action. And Chad was paying attention. That was the day he began to change his mind about his life’s purpose. With desperation, dedication and determination, and the help and love of his family and friends, Chad set out to reinvent himself, take risks, and do things he never thought he could or would do, even when his body was whole and fully functional. He had plenty of “black” periods to work through, to let go of his old ideas about who he was supposed to be, and the anger and frustration of not being able to be that. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but it has transformed him into a man unlike anything he ever thought he could or would be. He’s dedicated his life to service for others who have lost functionality, or perhaps never had it. He became a living example of what is possible, if one is willing to invent different ways to do what has to be done. In order to teach others, he had to invent those new and different ways of doing things for himself. He had to walk the talk. Now… He opens minds, eyes, hearts and doors for people just like himself.

He helps people who have all their faculties to become more than they think they can be. He inspires children and adults alike, those with challenges and those without. He helps companies to work better by coming together, and teaches families and caretakers new ways to help those they care for. In the ten years since his accident, Chad travels the world, speaking to companies, kids in schools at all grade levels, families and individuals whose lives are being remolded by their own events. He has become the living demonstration of what is possible, if we find different ways of doing what must be done. His life changed forever – and now, he changes lives.