No Texting While Driving

Texting behind the wheel is so dangerous it can impair a driver’s response time by 18% – or the time it takes to miss a stop sign, run an intersection, and broadside a family.

The growing number of accidents caused by distracted
driving has brought attention to the dangers of texting while driving. Nearly nine in 10 teenage drivers have engaged in
distracted driving behaviors, such as texting or talking on a cell phone while driving, despite knowing these actions
increase their risk of accident or other negative outcome.

In each 60-minute session, Chad will share his “No Texting While Driving” message with your students, including:
• Experiences from those who survived a texting-while-driving
• Videos from those who caused accidents, as well as those who were victims of texting while driving
• Pictures from accidents caused by distracted driving
• Statistics illustrating the dangers of texting while driving
With LIVE simulators, Chad will engage the audience as your student body takes on the task of trying to text and drive.

The purpose of an educational program is to raise awareness,
experiencing Chad’s “No Texting While Driving” presentation,
students at your school will understand the devastating
consequences of texting while driving, become passionate about preventing distracted driving, and be enabled to stand up to those who are texting while driving. They will understand the consequences of texting while driving and how a split-second decision could change their lives.

By signing the “No Texting While Driving” banner, EVERY
student can pledge to take a stand against distracted driving. The banner will remain at your school as a reminder of Chad’s powerful message and the students’ pledge to not text while driving. Chad will also offer students silicone thumb rings they can wear to remind them of the “No Texting While Driving” message.