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In order to provide a safer workplace, it is not enough to simply eliminate the obvious risks. Employers are responsible for controlling all potential safety hazards.

Everyone has a role to play in the workplace regarding health and safety. The employer has a duty and obligation to take the necessary precautions to prevent injuries or accidents.

Many companies have implemented a control program to protect workers from exposure to certain substances, such as chemicals or materials that might be dangerous.

Other dangers could be noise or vibrations. A written workplace hazard control program should outline which methods are being used to control the exposure and how these controls will be monitored for effectiveness.

Selecting the appropriate control isn’t always easy and usually requires doing a risk assessment to evaluate and prioritize the hazards and risks.

This program should be specifically designed to suit the needs of the individual workplace.

For instance, in case of a noise hazard, temporary measures might require workers to use hearing protection. The main way to control a hazard is to eliminate the hazard from the workplace.

Other practices to implement should include training and educating all employees about the operating procedures.

Establishing and maintaining good housekeeping programs will contribute to the elimination of hazards in the workplace, as well as keeping all equipment maintained.

Preparing and training for emergency incidents such as spills, fire or employee injury should be addressed as well.

Employee education and training on how to conduct their work safety helps to minimize the risk of exposure and is a critical element of a health and safety program.

Training must cover not only how to do the job safely, but it must also ensure that workers understand the hazards of their jobs.

This information will protect them as well as their co-workers.

“We now have unshakable conviction that accident causes are man-made and that a man-made problem can be solved by men and women.”

W. H. Cameron