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Following the entry into force of the referendum on 1 July 2015, an advisory referendum will be held for each legislative act (after its approval), which will not be expressly exempted if sufficient applications are made. [176] On 13 August, Kiesraad announced that 13,490 valid applications had been registered for a pre-referendum request exceeding the required threshold of 10,000. This triggered the final phase of the referendum motion, for which 300,000 applications were filed between August 18 and September 28. Kiesraad announced on 14 October that 472,849 applications had been received, of which 427,939 were validated. [177] [178] As the request was met, an advisory referendum on the law was held on April 6, 2016. With a turnout of 32.28%, the threshold for a valid referendum has been reached. 61% of the votes were against the Authorization Act. As the legislation has been rejected, the Staff must pass a follow-up law to repeal or enforce it. The draft Association Agreement was translated into Ukrainian and the official languages of EU Member States from the end of 2012 to mid-2013. Ukraine will also ensure that its relevant national authorities participate fully in European and international standards, legal metrology and compliance measurement and assessment organisations, including accreditation, in accordance with its area of activity and membership status. [187] Ukraine`s association agreement with the EU, which has just been signed and is being ratified, is highly controversial due to the political crisis in Ukraine in 2013 and the Ukraine crisis with Russia this year. When and how has the association agreement evolved? Kaja Tael, Estonia`s ambassador to the EU, said it was “natural that this is really a great improvement in our relations” and that both sides now have “the full range of all instruments.” On the proposal of the EU and with the agreement of its Ukrainian counterparts, the agreement received its final and official title of “association agreement between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and their Member States, on the one hand, and Ukraine on the other”.

KIEV — The Association Agreement to strengthen relations between Ukraine and the European Union came into force on 1 September, marking the end of four years of political drama surrounding the agreement. Poroshenko, the tycoon and pro-Western politician who later took power, signed the association agreement in June 2014. While work to sign a comprehensive and comprehensive free trade agreement between Ukraine and the EU began for the first time in 1999,[188] formal negotiations between the Ukrainian government and the EU Trade Commissioner did not begin until 18 February 2008. [189] In May 2011, three issues remain unresolved in the free trade agreement: Ukrainian grain export quotas, access to the EU services market and geographical names of Ukrainian raw materials. Beyond these issues, the agreement was ready. [190] Despite these outstanding issues, Ukraine was ready to sign the agreement at present. Although Ukraine wanted stronger wording of the eu`s enlargement prospects and market access for its truckers, Ukraine had more than many other candidates at the same stage of the process.