Sep 26, 2012 / by Alisa Hafen / No Comments

When that whistle blows, why are you excited to go home? What is it about going home that perks you up even after working a ten-hour day? Is it someone special? Is it your hobbies? Is it the peace that you feel when you’re fishing, or boating? What do you go home for?

Most of us work to maintain the good things that we enjoy at home. We work to afford our habits and our hobbies and the investments into our relationships. We work for our family time and our play time. We work for our houses and our personal style. We are not our jobs, however, because of our jobs, we enjoy the lives that we do.

We go to work because we value what that allows us to come home to. That’s a pretty important thing to remember around big machinery! We are working to create a living for ourselves. And the greatest sabotage to living the lives we
love at home, on our off-hours, are the injuries or loss of time or quality of life, if we’re not careful while we’re gone.

Safeguard your ability to go home tonight, by taking the time to make wise choices. Be ridiculously committed to the people that are waiting for you there Make a personal goal to avoid LTA’s by working safe and working smart.

The night of my accident, Shondell had asked me to hurry home. She had wanted me to be there to see Kyler walk. I didn’t make it home that night. I didn’t make it home the next night either. In fact, it was months before I was able to come home.

You want to go home tonight. There are people you want to see, as well as people that need you. There are hobbies to enjoy and life to be lived, whether it’s a girl or a 4×4 that’s calling you!