Jun 20, 2012 / by Alisa Hafen / No Comments

What’s your outlook on life? Would you consider yourself to be a pretty happy person? Do you take things in stride? When you look at the proverbial glass of water (or milk, or diet soda!), do you see it as being half full or half empty?

Imagine as you watch yourself that you have a clipboard with a check list. This check list is meant to be a self evaluation. You scan the list of questions.

I am happy with who I am? — Are my relationships the way I would like? — Which things work or don’t work well? — Am I having a good day or a bad one? — How often to I feel frustrated? — What makes me scared? — What makes me happy?

You try to answer the questions thoughtfully. You may think of the past or the present. You may think of the future you’d like to have. You could perhaps become grateful for what already do.

At this very moment the thoughts you are having and the way you evaluate your life is a perception. It is a specific point of view that only you have. You can be certain that no one else will see the world exactly the same way as you do.

Your perceptions are affected by all the events in your life. The past has a tremendous impact on what your life is right now. Who you are or think you are depends on those experiences as well.

After my accident it seemed the doctors were telling me I would be half a man, living half a life, and that I could only dream half of my dreams. How happy I am to say that they were wrong. While half of those dreams have changed because my abilities changed, I still dream with all of my heart.

You don’t have to break your neck to give up on dreaming. Have you quit dreaming? Do you feel emotionally paralyzed? Are you living half a life? Sharing half of your heart? Pursuing only half of your vision? Is this your ending…or can this be your beginning?

I am grateful for the experiences that I have had in the last ten years. I now know that flight is possible for everyone. I feel compelled to share this hope, this perspective, this vision.

Choose to see life from a bird’s eye perspective. Rise above what you thought were your obstacles. Let your dreams and visions take flight.

You can be the magician in your life. You can wave a thought and transform a dark and cloudy day to one filled with brilliant sunshine! Your perception is a decision you make between past events and what is truly going on in the moment. There are always different ways to look at something, don’t limit yourself to the past.

Let your perception become flexible! As you do, you will see a positive shift in the reality you create each and every day.

YOU have all the power!

So, is the glass half-empty, half-full or something else altogether?