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IRB staff may request changes to the task force members listed in the IRB application in eResearch based on their initial review of your request for an agreement. A Trusted Framework Agreement (MRA) is used when multiple studies assign the review to a specific external IRB. Framework agreements may be reciprocal to the extent that signatory institutions can act as a website that reviews and monitors the IRB or as a website that depends on it. Master-dependency agreements can apply to a single protocol or to a set of protocols negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The UN IRB currently has framework agreements with the following external CISRs: An IRB Authorization Agreement (IAQ) is an agreement between Northwestern and another institution that has federal insurance (FWA) with the Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Every institution (e.B university, medical centers, NGO, community organization, survey research organization) that receives funding from HHS must have an FWA. Entities use this type of contract to determine which institution will act as the reference IRB. The institutional head or representative of each institution signs the ILO. Example of a text for a federally assured institution (FWA) to rely on another institution`s IRB/IEC (institutions can use this example as a guide to develop their own agreement). This depends on the type of submission and request (assignment/leave) required for the study. To process a naked IRB application as an IRB, we should ensure that the site is searching and that the protocol accurately reflects the role of each site involved.

The external site should also have federal insurance at scale (FWA) before the agreement is signed. For studies in which the NAKED IRB REVIEW is assigned to an external IRB, we will need to review the protocol, consent model, and all other relevant study documents. In addition, the research associate preparing the eIRB+ submission should be trained in the requirements for submitting an IRB external study. .