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Can the time to rent-to-count only be agreements of 1 to 3 years? Is it not possible to rent until an agreed price is paid? Linda, if you move in December, the December rent is indeed due before you move in. This obviously assumes that your payment of USD 5,000 was exclusively for a deposit and did not already contain the rent for the first month. For tenants who read these comments, I would suggest never accepting a leasing option that does not have a reasonable fixed price. It has no value in buying an “option” to escape home in the future to some still approved price. Second, look for a home you want to own. Often, tenants take out a lease because the house is available at random, not because it is a home they really want to own. Here`s a look at what you need to pay attention to and how the rental process works. It`s more complicated than renting, and you need to take extra precautions to protect your interests. This will help you know if the deal is a good choice if you want to buy a home. Raine, I`ve never had a lease over three years, but I don`t know why you couldn`t. As an owner, I like longer contracts because it minimizes empty spaces. So if you could reach a longer agreement, I would.

But you should consider including automatic rent adjustments in the rental agreement. Tanya, I`d trust the tax experts at H-R Block. That is, in my experience, until you actually buy the house, you are a tenant. “If you rent, you throw away your money.” No doubt you have heard this overimplification of many places. Of course, a decision to rent or buy a house is rarely as black and white: both can be useful depending on the situation. We have recently begun to transfer maintenance obligations to the tenant. This practice is not unusual, especially for land or lease contracts. However, from the tenant`s point of view, taking responsibility for the maintenance of the property may appear to be an undesirable financial risk. Well, to some extent, that`s the way it is.

3. Maintenance: Paying the tenant for maintenance is a great plan (as long as you have confidence that they keep the place above). I never considered a refrigerator as maintenance, but it could be if you write the contract like that. I`m a phone call, even though she`d eat the $500 quickly. One way of looking at this is that capital improvement is not maintenance.