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(b) This Agreement shall be construed as a separate agreement by and on behalf of each of these carriers and their personnel, represented by the organization that signed this Agreement, and shall remain in force until 31 December 2004 and thereafter until it is amended or amended in accordance with the provisions of the Railway Labour Act as applicable. The message of the carriers has a certain power of attraction. Finally, history is filled with Commission reports that analyzed wage and labor rules and recommended substantial changes. However, the result has often been to throw the analysis in the trash or make only the most modest adjustments. Similarly, the carriers` concern about the deterioration of the process is real and, as we have already said, a concern that needs to be addressed. However, as we will explain in more detail later, our difficulty with the carriers` recommendations is that they are not justified in these circumstances. That in itself is damaging. The situation is even worse at this stage, with a BLEa agreement that has not yet been ratified. The prospects for other agreements would also be jeopardized. * If this agreement is not ratified, third parties will take a decision. An emergency presidential committee would be made up of neutrals who all know that President Obama froze the salaries of federal employees for two years, that health premiums for federal employees are more than double the $200 cap in this preliminary agreement, that 46 million Americans do not have health insurance, and that millions of unionized workers have suffered wage cuts.

Loss of health care and loss of pensions. Given that both parties use the December 1995 agreement as a starting point, although in different directions, a brief description of this agreement seems appropriate. This committee is also of the opinion that these issues should be negotiated by the parties. And that`s the case here. The parties have worked hard and successfully. They made a deal. They had the courage to do the lead control. They reached a quick agreement, about three months after the current UTUleadership took office. And they had the determination to make a deal without state intervention. They are entitled to their successes. 1991 – The BLE participated in a national strike before Congress imposed the agreement. It is generally accepted that this agreement is the end of the “Give Backs”, which had so marked our negotiations in the 1980s.

This agreement is formally considered to be an implementation of public law agreed 102-29 of 7 November 1991 (. PDF). Side letters (. PDF) are also included. “The 17 percent wage increase over the life of this agreement is significantly higher than the rate of price inflation – which offers a greater boost in terms of purchasing power than any other domestic contract in the past 40 years,” said Mike Futhey, UTU`s international president. who led the UTU negotiating team. (d) If, despite all efforts, the parties are unable to agree on the introduction of a travel fare for a run/pool, either party may refer the dispute to the Disputes Committee. The burden of proof of overweight evidence lies with the proposing party.

(3) The provisional agreement of 1995, the agreements and the attached letters, with certain modifications due to the fall of time and the adoption of this decision, are confirmed as our reward. . . .