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Agreement – means that this agreement, including an appendix or timetable that exists for this purpose (ii) must be submitted to a written request for our agreement and disclose all relevant information, including the purpose of the proposed sharing. Contract – The agreement or proposal agreement between you and us regarding the provision of services for us and references to the contract includes any changes to the contract, as agreed with us from time to time; a client This agreement is accepted as accepted by Consent to TRP`s terms either by signing or continuing the investigation at TRP Recruitment (iii) we may retain our agreement in this regard for any reason, whether appropriate or not This contract is subject to the laws of England and Wales and the parties here matter submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. (b) in order to avoid any doubt, the provision of data shared by us depends on your consent, and you agree that our willingness to provide you with data disclosed on that basis is properly taken into account for all purposes of this agreement and its application by Timbers Exchange; LLC will provide the Timbers reciprocity program for use by members of Timbers Reciprocity Timbers Exchange, LLC uses SalesForce to record all sales activities from lead to sale. Once the closing is complete, all members are invited to register on their Timbers Collection account. When registering for the Timbers Collection, each new member is registered with a registration date for the Timbers Collection at SalesForce. All members with a registration date are considered registered buyers. Members without a registration date are not considered registered buyers. A buyer with multiple ownership shares in the same property is counted only once for each individual interest. These ATOs represent the entire agreement between you and Timbers regarding this purpose and replace all prior or simultaneous communications and suggestions, whether electronic, oral or written, between you and Timbers regarding the site. (iv) In any event, our contract is subject to the obligation for the subprocessor to apply contractual terms that require adequate protection of shared data in accordance with the provisions and intent of this agreement, and you agree to provide us with a copy of these conditions at our request, membership being an agreement between the company and the owners` association or the representative of a similar unit or owner for an object or property. Destination location for the Timbers collection. (c) percentage of confirmed exchanges, as well as complete and accurate information on the criteria for determining whether an exchange request has been properly requested. (iii) for which you or a representative of you are entitled (expressly or implicitly) to carry out work (i) on a third party who does not in any way process the data to which this agreement relates (“subcontractor”) or who is interested in the purchase or sale or takeover of your company (s).

Some jurisdictions have imposed a tax on the occupancy of resort accommodation and any tax on beds, transit and occupancy tax or other similar tax is the responsibility of the member who uses the host station`s accommodations. Members are also responsible for the payment of VAT, goods and services tax or applicable VAT, levied by the public authorities with regard to the initiation tax, the intermediation tax or the transfer tax.