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People talk about “leading by example”. By incorporating the following attitudes and practices, you will not only improve your own life, but also begin to fashion yourself into the kind of person that others will follow and emulate, which is the very definition of leading by example.

Life is a creative art. Expectations are often self-fulfilling. If we expect life to be good; if we believe it is filled with opportunities and cause for celebration, then we will notice those things and live so as to promote them, even without conscious intent.

If we believe life is a marathon of unremitting toil and scarcity, then toil and scarcity will be all that we find and experience. We will inadvertently create the circumstances that promote them.

You can’t expect to win the lottery and then win the lottery – that is wishful thinking. But you can and do nurture a basic attitude toward living. If you don’t take control of it, it most assuredly will take control of you.

We talk about the importance of balance. However, everyone’s definition is different. In order to be productive and healthy, we have to take care of our minds, bodies and spirits. Doing good, meaningful work that fits our talents can keep us healthy for a long time.

I know this to be true. I am fortunate to love what I do for a living. I enjoy meeting people and speaking to them; hoping my words might encourage and inspire. Sometimes I succeed; sometime I don’t. But I find great comfort in knowing that I get to do it all over again the next day.

My grandpa often says that most people hate Mondays. He is 86 now and retired. He loved Mondays – because he loved what he did. He owned an insurance company that he has now passed on to his son, who will pass it on to his. He built a very successful business by working hard every day, doing what he loved, and therefore, was good at.

Doing what you love to do and doing it well brings benefit to your life. When you help someone learn and succeed, there is a sense of self satisfaction. In the end, it doesn’t matter what it is you do, as long as you feel you are making a contribution and not being destructive to others. Even if the job is menial, all work has dignity and can become a medium through which a person can grow and make a contribution to others.

Performing good work is inherently rewarding. If you can do it with fun and style, you won’t be a prisoner of your labor, but rather a master of your craft. And if you help others along the way, either by teaching them or just by setting them up for their own success, then both life and work acquire greater meaning. None of us live forever, and we should all leave a little something behind for the good.

In the end, we must admit that we are all only human. We have bad moods and bad moments. We make mistakes. We have parts of our character that may be less than forever admirable. It helps to keep this in mind when we tend to take ourselves too seriously. I once read a quote:

“Make your own words sweet: “You may have to eat them later!”

In the end, the pursuit of near-perfection is more than its achievement, even if it is good to be competitive and dedicated to excellence in order to bring out the best in ourselves and in others.



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