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In September 2020, the Centre could risk losing an expansion treaty due to Brexit. [29] A spokesperson for the Centre said: “This new entity, which, unlike the data centre in Bologna, Italy, consists mainly of offices and not the hosting of our new supercomputers, must be in a location compatible with all important European Union funding policies relevant to the QMFS.” Britain has shown interest in hosting this new facility and in any case, it continues to host our headquarters in Reading,” she said. The deadline for submitting the meteorological centre contract is 1 October, when trade negotiations are not expected to be completed. Reading won the tender for the meteorological centre in 1975 due to its proximity to the Met Office (which moved from Bracknell to Exeter in 2003) and the University of Reading. The main objective of the center is to provide accurate weather reports, which will allow farmers to protect the plants and achieve a good yield. About 25 Lakh farmers in the region would be kept informed of information through different platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, social networks and community radio stations. Over the past three decades, EZMW`s extensive research program has played an important role in the development of these assimilation and modeling systems. This improves the accuracy and reliability of weather forecasts by about one day per decade, so a seven-day forecast now (2015) is as accurate as a three-day forecast four decades ago (1975). [20] The EZMW is considered one of the world leaders in meteorological research, using global datasets on the recent history of the atmosphere, land surface and oceans. It has also concluded cooperation agreements with other countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Romania and Slovakia. The Extended Hydrological Prediction project, which will start in July 2020, will be implemented with the Central Water Commission (CWC) under the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Department of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation for the Government of India. RTI`s approach involves testing a series of predictive approaches and comparing performance to a benchmark using predictive verification techniques.

The optimal system is integrated into a real-time operating dashboard at the CWC, where the results are shared with the countries bordering India. Britain risks losing the contract to expand a European meteorological research centre based in Reading because of Brexit. Through its partnerships with EUMETSAT, ESA, the EU and the European scientific community, EZMW has established a leading position for Europe in the use of satellite data for operational numerical weather forecasting and for operational seasonal forecasting with coupled atmospheric-ocean-country models. The increasing amount of satellite data and the development of more sophisticated methods of extracting information from this data have greatly contributed to improving the accuracy and usefulness of NWP forecasts. [Citation required] EZMW is constantly striving to improve the use of satellite observation for NWP. In May 2020, the French Ministry of the Environment proposed Toulouse as the site of the center, with EZMW considering transferring some of its teams to the territory of the European Union. [8] The stage was directly attributed to Brexit. [9] The EZMW, which is also a key organisation for climate change research, is supported by 34 countries, including 22 EU Member States. .

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