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For example, service roads are typically built to allow vehicles to access different components of the solar installation, which may require the removal of high-quality crops and other natural vegetation such as trees and shrubs. This rapid expansion of solar power generation and the creation of solar farms in the United States creates a number of financial opportunities for landowners, and especially for large landowners such as farmers. First, although solar farms generally require less maintenance than other forms of energy production, they can still have dramatic repercussions on the local environment. Even if you are not interested in selling your Solarpark lease, we can still provide you with a non-binding analysis and evaluation of your lease agreement to determine the actual market value if your site meets our criteria. 1. WindowsTwo factors seem to be driving much of the recent development of solar parks. First, Michigan has strong portfolio standards (RPS) that require distribution companies to increase energy production from renewable sources by up to 40% by 2025. 1. www.seia.org/research-resources/solar-market-insight-report-2016-year-review2. e360.yale.edu/features/northern-lights-utility-scale-solar-power-spreading-across-the-us3. interestingengineering.com/top-10-performing-countries-for-solar-energy5. arstechnica.com/science/2017/02/for-a-brighter-future-science-looks-to-re-energize-the-common-solar-cell/6.

www.solarmango.com/ask/2015/10/23/what-type-of-land-is-suitable-for-solar-farm/ While it`s possible to get in touch with a solar designer, it`s more likely that a solar developer will contact you first. For example, ITC offers solar developers a 30% tax credit on the price of a solar installation, and in some areas, solar power generation has dropped by as much as 4 cents per kilowatt hour, making solar energy even cheaper than traditional fossil fuels. 4. ExclusivityLease agreements include exclusivity clauses that prevent the landowner from renting other real estate to a competing solar energy company. Landowners with a considerable area should consider requesting a limitation of the width of geographical exclusivity. A second factor that fuels the recent development of solar energy projects is the tax relief from the Confederation of Photovoltaic Installations. Tax incentives fall from 30% to 26% for projects launched in 2020 to 23% for projects launched in 2021 and 10% thereafter. Thus, developers have a strong economic incentive to start their solar photovoltaic installations in order to maximize the tax advantage of the Confederation. Please contact Alex Stone, Senior Vice President, Landmark Dividend, by email at astone@landmarkdividend.com. You can also click here to submit your information online so that we can contact you.

However, there is a lot to consider before entering into a solar lease agreement with a developer, and to help our readers better understand the nature of rents for solar parks, this article discusses the importance of solar development in the United States, how land is valued for solar development, and how Landmark Dividend can help property owners get the most out of their lease agreement. solar. It`s pretty obvious: the country concerned should receive a sufficient amount of sunlight or, more precisely, sunshine, and the land itself should be free of obstacles blocking sunlight as much as possible (i.e. tall trees, buildings or anything that could cast a shadow). Landmark Dividend, one of the largest leasing acquisition companies in the country, can offer value, capital and liquidity to qualified property owners with a solar lease agreement. This means that for a 1 MW photovoltaic power plant, the required area is about 2.5 hectares or 100,000 square feet. . . .