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The list of documents to download online is listed in the CU-OBT Office online monitoring system. These documents are grouped into pre OBT CV documents, i.e. they contain, but are not limited to training certificates, medical certificates, etc. While OBT documents download TRB pages, newspapers, Sea Projects, Masters Declaration of Safe Departure (MDSD) are not credited with a crew list duly certified by Phil Coast Guard (PCG) and post-OBT documents, no matter how long you stay on board. Its service can be a good learning experience, but it is not taken into account in the one-year enboard training. The cadet, despite his experience on board, cannot obtain his BSMT or BSMarE diploma. As a general rule, it should be as continuous as possible for practical reasons. However, it can be combined with the shipping company`s training programs, provided the total period on board is not less than 12 months. It is almost a reflection of the Standard Seafarers` Employment Contract (SEC), which contains provisions relating to conditions of employment, housing, recreational facilities, catering and catering, social protection and social protection.

It also required that the sponsorship company provide the cadet with health protection and medical care in the event of illness, injury or danger related to training or illness, injury or danger during the term of the contract, as well as a financial guarantee to cover compensation for permanent disability or the resulting death. The Standard Cadet Training Agreement on Ships Engaged in International Voyage came into effect on August 25, 2013 to ensure compliance with MLC 2006 requirements to protect the rights of naval cadets and provide them with social protection while they undergo mandatory on-board training. Cadets must follow the learning on board a real ship to expose students to the real applications of the concepts and techniques they learned in class. The on-board training program provides all cadets with the opportunity to use a vessel as a marine laboratory in which they must complete their training records. This record book is rated and rated and serves as a prerequisite for enrollment as fourth-year cadets in the final phase of the course. To take marine science degree or marine engineering science degree courses, cadets must complete one-year training aboard deep-sea vessels in the third year of the course, making it a sandwich program. The program aims to learn and improve the skills acquired during the first two years of the theoretical period. Unlike all other maritime institutions, the PMMA ensures that every Midshipman is pre-graduation with the necessary knowledge and skills, as also required by shipowners and sponsors.