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On that day when my life changed, I had a choice. I could resist what was happening, or I could receive change into my life and move forward with it. Those two words, “resist” or “receive” make the difference in our life experience. Life happens. While we wish it wasn’t so, tragedy happens. Change is the way of things. At each fork in the road, at each obstacle, or at each two-thousand pound bale of hay that crashes down on top of us, we must choose our response.

Let’s examine those two words. “Resist” means to fend off, or to keep from giving in. “Receive” means to hear or to see. It also means to have “met with”. When tragedy and change come our way, do we resist them and fight them, or do we hear their message, see their requirement and
meet them squarely? I am not the only quadriplegic. I am not the only person with physical limitations or health concerns. I am certainly not the
only husband seeking to provide a living for his family. And yet, I know many who face tragedies, big and small, who choose to resist required change.

They survive life, but they do not take it in. They struggle against currents that would truly carry them to new lands. They become bitter. They do not see the value of receiving change, and it makes them angry instead of making them better.

When change comes into our lives, do we ask the question, “Why me? What did I do to deserve this?” We may wonder if life changing events are a punishment or a sentence. To this quandary, I quote loved comedian, Jack Benny. Upon receiving an award, Jack responded, “I don’t deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don’t deserve that either!” Change is neither a punishment nor an award. It just is. The winds of change are constantly blowing. While we cannot see the wind, we can, as captains of our own lives, watch cloud formations and interpret where those changes are taking us.

I look at my two boys. While I loved to play basketball with them at their 4-footFisher-Price net years ago, the day has come that they need a
longer court, a higher basket and a larger team (and tougher competition than me)! They are young men. As their father, while I would love to keep them safe by my side forever, for their success, I need to give them room to change.

Great leaders not only recognize the need to receive change, and move with it, but they also realize at times they must create change. This requires leaders with vision, tenacity, and courage. Often the changes that great leaders see as necessary and right, are not popular changes among the masses.

Life will change. It is the very nature of life to do this. What we do with change is our choice. How powerful it is to recognize the driving force of change and make it our ally, rather than to stubbornly resist! Receive change into your life and allow it to carry you to heights you never imagined!

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