Dec 09, 2011 / by Alisa Hafen / 1 Comment

Do you think you would have a garden if you planted 3 seeds a day – starting today? How long would it take before you would see a full garden growing? Some flowers will pop up right away. Others might take a little longer. Oh sure, you’ll have weeds come up as well; but carefully tended, they will be pulled and discarded, making room for more lovely blooms.

What if we were to put the above scenario to the test with our words and actions? What if, each day, we made it a point, to do three things that would make someone else’s life a little better? You would be surprised how little time an email to an old friend takes, but not at your rewards for sending it. How long does a phone call take in the middle of the week to someone special? Would it not make their day so much better?

We will have bad thoughts as well – maybe we feel the need to talk about a colleague with other friends or criticize a child when he is already feeling down for a mistake he made. Weeds will come up throughout the garden. What if we ignore these thoughts, think better of the situation, and avoid making life a little worse for someone by just not saying anything – Silence is golden in these instances.

The other evening, I had the distinct pleasure of participating on a coaching call with three other renowned authors and speakers – Kevin Hall, Dan McCormick and Darren Hardy. There were many high points discussed that night, but one that stuck with me was this question: “Are we or Try’ers or are we Do’ers?”

If we’re asked to do something and our response is “I’ll try,” that gives us a way out, does it not? How reassuring is it to the one who asked? However, if we say “Sure, I’ll do it;” that statement assures the asker you’ll give it your best shot.

After my accident, I was asked to perform tasks that seemed all but impossible at the time. For example, learn how to keep fluids down without choking. I tried and tried, failing many times. Knowing that the reward would be to see my kids, I was able to do this. If trying and trying gets you “to do,” then you are a Do’er!

One of my passions is to become as independent as possible. As a result, I have had to relearn how to do the simplest of tasks – get dressed, brush my teeth, type, and drive. Everything I did before my accident had to be relearned. I became passionate about doing as much as I could so that I could be independent.

The ironic thing about gaining my independence is that I rely on others for help in what I am physically unable to do; for instance – transferring from one chair to another. I depend on the kindness of others daily for getting to and from places. Last year, I traveled over 300,000 miles. I could not do that if not for the kindness of others – and what are they doing? They are planting a seed – probably without even realizing it, but doing it nonetheless.

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.- Ralph Waldo Emerson