Feb 21, 2012 / by Alisa Hafen / No Comments

“YOU are completely responsible for all your success and failures, as well as your inner happiness.”

I find this fact so uplifting and inspiring, that it often reminds me of the day I went hang gliding a few years ago. I have always been intrigued by the majestic sight of watching these “human butterflies” in the sky; and was determined I would “fly” as well one day.

This was a big decision at the time; one that I am glad I made. I will always be grateful for that unbelievable feeling as we jumped off that cliff.

It was more than just a leap off a mountain; it was a leap I had wanted to take since I was a young boy and did NOT let my present circumstances stop me.

There are several reasons why it was probably not a good idea, but I believe success and responsibility go hand in hand. Making excuses for what’s going on in your life will get you nowhere. I have found it to be an incredible waste of my time and energy.

Everything we do is a matter of habit. If we continue to make excuses, we will be forever evading responsibility at the same time.

Some people immediately create an excuse just in case the goal they set out to achieve fails. The objective they had set their minds on might have required more discipline, time and energy than they were willing to put forth.

As soon as things start to unravel, irresponsible people will offer an excuse and give up.

I believe there is a genuine link between inner peace and taking responsibility for what we say and do.

The more responsible you are, the more in control you are. And the more control you have over what happens in your life, the happier you will be.

“You cannot escape the responsibilities of tomorrow by evading it today.”

Abraham Lincoln