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The season in which you will evaluate whether or not the PEO model is suitable for your business. They cover many topics during this evaluation process, such as the IEP human resources model. B HRIS technology, staff benefits and PEO service costs. But there`s a very important topic that you probably won`t check before you make your decision – the agreement pesseme. The Customer Service Contract (CSA) is the mandatory contract that requires the responsibilities of each party in this agreement. 14.7 This agreement can only be amended, amended or supplemented by an agreement signed by each of the parties. No waiver of any party to any of the provisions of these provisions is effective unless the party has expressly signed and signed it. Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, rights, remedies, powers or privileges arising from this agreement cannot be exercised or are not exercised in the exercise, or must be construed as a waiver of those rights; Similarly, the individual or partial exercise of a right, remedy, power or prerogative within that framework is not contrary to the exercise or continuation of the exercise of that right or the exercise of another right, remedy, power or prerogative. Some EPS have an agreement in their agreement that gives them the ability to assess additional fees if you have a reduction in the number of employees during the initial duration of the agreement. The underlying idea is twofold: each after-sales service contract contains a language that grants these rights to the IEP, so that they can maintain compliance with government and federal labour laws and laws. The following examples underline the need for the O-OP to maintain this level of flexibility in the implementation of co-employment: 14.3 This agreement, together with all the timetables, exhibitions and other documents contained in this document, constitutes the single and comprehensive agreement between the parties on the object contained and replaces all previous and concomitant agreements and agreements. , both in writing and orally, on this subject. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of this agreement and those of a calendar or exhibition, the order of precedence is: a) first of all, this agreement, excluding its exhibits and calendars; and (b) second, all the parts and schedules of this agreement.