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The municipality considers the marriage agreement as an agreement, so that the couple did not confiscate the property. In general, in films of parts that have more wealth, make a marital agreement so as not to have to bequeath wealth to spouses. The question that clients often is, can we enter into a marital agreement after the couple has married? The answer is no. The rules of marital agreements are established before the marriage comes into force, and this agreement applies when there has been a legal marriage. If your spouse is a businessman, a marriage agreement is mandatory. Sometimes a businessman is asked to take risks for debts or provide a personal guarantee. The company`s debts receive a personal guarantee to pay it. If something happens and there is forfeiture of property, then the property to be confiscated is the property of your spouse. Using a marriage agreement, the couple agreed on the ownership of the spouse instead of my property, the debts of the couple are not my debts. “Prenuptial Agreement”: understanding, reason, content of the conjugal agreement or in the English pre-marital agreement, the conjugal agreement is a written agreement between a man and a woman that governs the rights and obligations of man and woman.

Marriage contracts are mandatory for the commitment of a valid marriage. Marital agreements can be amended in accordance with reciprocal agreements and are not contrary to the law. On the way back home, on the plane, I had a conversation with a young Australian Catholic. His great curiosity about all that relates to Catholic marriage surprised me. She plans to get married in the near future, but she faces a moral dilemma over what is called a pre-marriage contract: “I`m thinking of marrying my friend and having a moral dilemma. Given the alarming statistics of divorce, I would like to protect the hard work I have done so far. That is why I am considering asking her to sign a marriage pact before the wedding. Is it possible to have a Catholic marriage with a prenup? Someone told me that this was not possible, because such an agreement shows that there is a total lack of trust between the future man and the woman and that it could invalidate a valid marriage attempt. I don`t understand, but I want to check. What does the Catholic Church teach about signing a pre-marriage marriage pact?.

What the woman questions may also be the question of our best friend or child, who is about to get married, who is also facing the same dilemma and needs answers. The marriage agreement in Indonesia (marriage agreement in Indonesia) must be concluded and organized in such a way that all the needs of the parties to the marriage contract can be taken into account or covered at a later date, and each article or clause in it must be treated in the most detailed manner possible, with the full understanding of each party. In principle, marital agreements are very important in marriage. However, marriage contracts are still considered taboo and are avoided for fear of offensive spouses. Why is he suddenly so open, huh? Usut had a usut happens that she was having financial problems at the time and her future husband by chance a businessman who does not escape from the debt of business funds. When he learned that I was now a financial planner, he wanted to get my opinion on the future management of family finances and on the premarital agreement (Prenup). What is Prenup? It`s necessary, isn`t it? Before the mood hunt, first know the background and its contents.