Mar 15, 2012 / by Alisa Hafen / No Comments

I wanted to share with you something that I read the other day. This comparison warrants reading and rereading; it also begs us to take a little time for a reevaluation:

Have you ever considered that our life here on earth resembles a football game?
We are playing against a powerful team: Evil.

I believe that our invisible coach is Jesus Christ – or Higher Power – or whoever we truly believe in.
Our assistant coaches are good people, good books, newspapers and magazines.

I believe the invisible coach of our opponent is Lucifer, the Prince of Devils.
His assistant coaches are bad books, bad movies, a bad environment and bad company.

The referee in this ballgame of life is our conscience, which tells us whether we are right or wrong.

The football field is the whole earth.

Our goal is to the right – salvation – I call it Heaven.

The opposing goal is to the left, namely Hell.

The kickoff begins when we are about 7 years of age.
That’s when we begin to know the difference between the two goals.
That is also when we begin to gain or lose.

I believe our signals are The Ten Commandments, the laws of our Country, the duties and obligations of our state of life.

If we obey these signals, we are sure to win.
The ball is our sanctifying grace.

Every time we do well, we gain yardage.
Every time we do badly, we lose yardage.

When we take the time to really think about what should be done, it is a time-out; a time to regain our true bearings.

Half time resembles our summer vacations. When we come back, we are rejuvenated and determined to do better.

We play only one game.

It lasts a lifetime.

There is no clock to tell us how much time we have left.

Death will mark the end of the game.

There is no chance for a tie score; we either win or lose.

If we win, we win forever. The whole court of heaven will rush to congratulate us.
Our reward will be so great, that no one has ever seen, heard, or conceived of anything equal to it.

Our names will be inscribed in the Hall of Fame forever.

If we lose the game, we lose forever. All of hell will be loosed, and all the evil spirits will rush to thrust us into the abode of the damned souls. The pains of loss will be immeasurable and everlasting.

Our names will be inscribed into the Hall of Shame forever.

Therefore, play the game, be alert, play hard, and play with confidence.

We have the best coaches; if we follow their advice, our victory is certain.