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The other day, I saw a commercial on television about children wanting “one more day” of vacation. It was a commercial advertising the benefits of having a particular credit card, but its message from the children was what really struck me: that many of us have yearly paid vacations, and, yet for whatever reason, we, as parents, fail to take the full vacation.

We usually come home a day or two early. The children’s take on this is why would we do that? So they question their parents – and plead with them to take one more day! That got me thinking – why don’t we take that extra day to spend our vacation with our families?

“One More Day” reminds me of times in my life when I have not needed just one more day, but one more hour.

On one particular day, I was not just pleading for one more day or one more hour, but literally, one more breadth. It was right after my accident. I was waiting for Shondell to come and find me – for I knew without a doubt it would be her that would come.

And my continued prayers were that I could last till then. With that one-ton bale of hay pressing my head into the steering wheel, I was having difficulty breathing. The fumes from the tractor still running along with the hay particles were filling my lungs. My prayer became: “One More Breath – please, just One More Breath.”

So the whole idea of giving one more hour or one more day to my family holds special meaning for me.

That’s why when I travel and there might be a break when I have a “free day” in between speaking engagements or meetings, I will make every effort to fly home – just to spend a few more hours with them.

Another time in my life where “One More …….” holds special meaning was when I attempted to break the World Record by wheeling over 500 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada. I had every confidence I could accomplish this in ten days.

I had trained for several months and had the support of family and friends. They thought I might be a little touched in the head (as did I at times), but I still maintain I had their full support!

There were times when my hands were so blistered and bloody that I knew I was done. That is when my dad came and talked to me. He said, “Chad, don’t think about six more days – just do one more day. If you still feel the same way tomorrow, we’ll go home.” I remembered I was too tired to argue, so I agreed.

The next day, as I started down the side of the mountain, which had given me fits the day before when I was trying to climb it, my old friend greeted me: Gravity! How sweet it was to see him again! I was traveling 39 miles per hour! What a great day that was! It was exactly what I needed to help me reach my goal.

Oh, there were still many obstacles that lay ahead. Millions of over sized Mormon Crickets greeted me one day! They were moving in waves across the highway, literally frying on the pavement beneath my feet. Their corpses were flying up at me as I wheeled over them. The stench was enough to make me sick.

In the following days, I would encounter hot days, cold nights and winds that would stop me from going forward. And yet, those words kept coming back to me – just one more day.

Only, it became more than just that. At times, it became “one more mile marker; and yes, even one more yellow stripe.”

With encouraging words and countless prayers from family, friends and even strangers who knew of my dream, I was able to reach my goal. I wheeled over the “Finish Line,” traveling 513 miles from The LDS Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah to the Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada in ten days.

And so I am reminded of the true message that inspiring commercial is really selling – not the use of their credit card, but to spend that extra day with our families.

Until next time BELIEVE you can fly!

Chad Hymas