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Before we get into the details of forming a cohabitation form, let us understand what a roommate contract really is. This is a written agreement that allows you and your roommate to negotiate different sets of rules that you must follow throughout the year in order to avoid any potential conflict. Whether it`s their first apartment or your fifth, sharing space with roommates is a delicate balance between setting expectations and respecting each other`s space. To make things transparent and avoid unnecessary conflicts, you should consider a roommate agreement. Don`t you trust me? We will explain what it is and who needs to sign one and provide you with a free template for the roommate agreement. The roommates agree that repeated and serious violations of one or more of these agreements will be the reason for two roommates to ask the other to leave the country. If a roommate is invited to leave, he will do so within two weeks and all rents paid in advance will expire. Panda Tip: Use this paragraph to customize it with all the additional conditions that are relevant to your roommate sharing experience. Once everything is ready, it`s time for the new roommate to move in. Make sure there are building rules for him or her knowing the best times for him or her to plan. Otherwise, it would usually be a good gesture to help with it. It is not uncommon for the new roommate to have only a small amount of furniture. So it should not be more than a few hours for the new roommate to get their furniture into the property.

The purpose of the agreement will define the power, rights and duties between the roommates. You must clearly state the purpose of the agreement so that there are no more conflicts in the future. In general, the purpose of the agreement is the same for roommate contracts that share the same rights and obligations, and few have different reasons. In addition, the roommate contract prevents future conflicts and only limits you and your roommates. On the contrary, a letter of tenancy is limited to your individual landlord and tenant and has nothing to do with the roommate contract. 3. Rent. The monthly rent paid by the roommate to the principal tenant is usd [RENT] per month, payable on the first day of each calendar month.

If this roommate lease starts later this month, the rent for the first month becomes proportional. 15. Full agreement. This lease of roommates and possible annexes constitute the whole agreement between the parties and replaces the prior discussions, agreements or obligations of one of the parties. Any changes to this roommate lease must be written down and signed by both parties. There is no communication, insurance or guarantee unless the document specifically mentions it. If a roommate wants to leave prematurely, you agree to resign at least 30 days in advance and find an acceptable replacement for other roommates and the owner. Each roommate is responsible for cleaning his own room. Common areas are cleaned weekly on Sundays and everyone agrees to participate in this cleaning, including: vacuum cleaners, dust, dust towels and bath maintenance.