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European Council: Political agreement on the 2014-2020 -2021-2027 Multi-Year Financial Framework and the decision on own resources On this basis, the European Council will hold an exchange of views in October 2019 to reach agreement on the EU`s long-term budget before the end of the year. EU heads of state and government have asked European Council President Charles Michel to move the negotiations forward towards a final agreement. They want to reach an agreement at the European Council in the autumn of 2019. The European Parliament has won the concession to be associated with the implementation of the next generation EU package (NGEU), a positive step towards democratic accountability for the instrument. The CPMR congratulates Parliament and the Council on the agreement reached. The agreement provides for strengthening the financial envelopes of programmes with European added value such as Horizon Europe and Erasmus, which sends a strong signal, including for future budget negotiations. However, the CPMR regrets that the list of programmes with additional resources has decreased compared to the initial demands of the European Parliament, in the absence of the Fair Transition Fund (JTF) and the Interconnection Mechanism in Europe, which cover the two priority areas of the EU and have a strong territorial dimension. Such an outcome will make it more difficult for the EU to achieve its ambitions, particularly with regard to climate change and energy transition, due to the JTF`s reductions. After two years of in-depth negotiations on the 2021-2027 multi-year financial framework, the European Council has reached an agreement. In some respects, it could be seen as an ambitious recovery plan for the European Union. However, significant cuts have been made in section VI: Neighbourhood and The World. As far as the MFF is concerned, the common objective is to present to the June European Council a draft framework for close negotiation.

This would help to reach agreement on the EU`s long-term budget in the autumn of 2019. In its June 2019 conclusions, the European Council called on the Presidency to develop the MFF negotiating box. On this basis, EU heads of state and government will exchange views in October to reach an agreement by the end of the year. Under the agreement, financial interests are protected in accordance with the general principles set out in the EU treaties, in particular the provisions of Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union. It`s a good deal. It`s a very strong case. And above all, it is the right deal for Europe right now.