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Living Life with Purpose

If we are going to succeed in life, we must realize and acknowledge our hopes and dreams. These will then motivate our actions.  A gifted author, Mary Anne Radmacher, wrote a poem which has helped inspire my life.

“Life Begins When You Do”
Walk to the edge
Listen hard – Laugh – Play with abandon
Practice wellness – Continue to learn
Choose with no regret
Appreciate your friends
Lead or follow a leader
Do what you love
Live as if this is all there is

There are certain times when the decisions we make will impact the rest of our lives.  Most of us have dreams.  Some of us might even have that infamous ‘bucket list’.  But how much time do we really have to make sure they will actually happen in this lifetime?

Time is a most precious gift.  I believe to give time is more rewarding than to receive it.
Several months after my accident, my good friend, Lee Johnson, offered me an opportunity to come to work for him at his business, Broken Arrow.  He knew me before the accident.   He realized the ‘Chad’ he had known was slowly disappearing before his very eyes.

So much time at home – just sitting – was not good for me or my loving wife.  This new routine was affecting her as well.  At least getting me out of the house on a daily basis would give her time to resume her job of running the household as she had done before the accident.
However, what we didn’t expect was that this gift of time would also give me back my sense of independence.

Simple tasks such as making phone calls and arranging work with clients reminded me that, although my body was paralyzed, my mind was not.  Flashbacks of running my landscaping business came flooding back.  I began to reinvent myself again as a functioning part of the business world.  The transformation seemed to happen overnight.   I began to feel good about myself again.

I had needed to move forward – I had to move forward – but how? Mary states in her book:

If you have a dream, BEGIN it.  A large part of my dream was to find a way to become a husband, a father and the provider I once had been.

If you have an idea, OPEN it.   It doesn’t necessarily have to be you who sees the need for a change.  Listen to family and friends who care about you and who want the best for you.  It wasn’t my idea – it was my good friend who could see more clearly than I what was needed.

If there is longing, ACKNOWLEDGE it.   No doubt there.  A change had to be made.  I knew I was a quadriplegic.  I had to accept that and push forward.

If there is a mission, COMMIT it.   Once recognized, the next step is to act on it.  Reclaiming myself at Broken Arrow was a commitment – a new beginning.

If there is daring, DO it.   There was no doubt – starting over is frightening. Unopened doors usually are. But there is an excitement about it as well.

If there is love, SPEAK it.  I shared my concerns with Shondell.  She was supportive and encouraged me daily.

If there is resource, USE it.   My good friend offered me this.  What started out as a small act of kindness eventually turned into a life-changing career.

If there is abundance, SHARE it.   I am now able to travel the world and share my message.  I have learned how to help and how to accept help, how to love and accept love.

I live my life with passion and invite you to do the same.