Feb 07, 2012 / by Alisa Hafen / No Comments

What is “healed”?

Does it mean to be restored to a former condition?

Could it also mean to get better?

If “healed” includes getting better – maybe even better than before, could it then be that the disaster – the very situation which we are healing from – is actually an integral part of the healing process?

In the movie, Short Circuit, a deadly military defense robot (one of five identical robots, therefore known as “#5”) is struck by lightning.

The extreme voltage fries his circuits.  He malfunctions, stumbles about, runs into walls, and makes a mess of things.

In healing himself from his damaged conditions, #5 rewires his own circuits and moves beyond his programming.  He discovers that if something is broken, fried or melted, as much of him is, he can work around the problem and simply do it differently.

He gets better – better than before.

He even chooses a new name for himself:  “Johnny Five”!

Though originally designed as a powerful and deadly killing machine – and even though he has lost none of that power, he becomes funny, charming, creative and kind.

Most importantly, he learns to laugh.  He evolves from a machine governed and limited by his programming and becomes “human.”

Johnny Five becomes a living, growing and learning force – limited only by his imagination and sense of humor.  That which initially seemed a disastrous accident, turns out to be a necessary part of the process of Johnny Five being “healed.”  Johnny Five revels in being “alive.”

He learns that mistakes, accidents and injury – even malfunctions – are a part of life.  However, life itself is not a malfunction.  As it turns out, the bad day he was having now wasn’t!

Is it possible then, that the bad day you are having, isn’t?