Oct 04, 2019 / by Alisa Hafen / No Comments
Can I tell you how much I love my career? I feel SO lucky to say that!
After returning home from my Latter Day Saint mission to Bangkok Thailand, I started my own business as a landscape developer with the dream of becoming a farmer/rancher.  At first I was completely stretched — most of the time I had no experience in farming or ranching, so it was all about asking great questions, relying on experts, being a great teammate, and finding answers collaboratively with the farmers in my community.
It taught me about *professionalism* which few people talk about these days, right?
The experience helped me care about doing good work, working hard, not giving up on a dream and producing results.
So after my accident in my late 20s,  I started my career as a writer, speaker and coach, I had that advantage—real work experience, collaboration skills and deep insights into what makes hard work and team building pay off.
I share this because I think a lot of people want to be influencers and forget it’s a CAREER. A real job with real customers and business. It takes PROFESSIONALISM to win at this long-term.
Being an influencer today at the higher levels is like running a full-scale media company. It’s way harder than people know—dozens of teams, 100s of thousands of real customers, concurrent multi-year projects, all the issues of team and scale and sanity.
But I LOVE it. Even when it’s hard to express myself and grow and practice. Ok, especially when it’s difficult I revel in the challenge and press on.
Whatever you do, get GREAT at it. Challenge yourself or you’ll get bored. Care about professionalism or you’ll get passed by. Build teams so you scale and enjoy the ride together. Give your full heart to whatever you’re doing and don’t forget how lucky you are. ?