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A switching station connection means a connection to a 400, 220 or 110 kV main switching station. If the planned connections are close to a circuit, they should be connected directly to the station and not to a transmission line. A connection to the grid allows a user to connect to the local grid or “network” so that they can receive or generate electricity. A connection agreement is the key to a current connection and the ability to import or export electricity from the grid. Before commissioning, the customer must complete a test of commissioning the electrical connection system. The Fingrid operations specialist will check the new connection and verify that the connection complies with the plans previously agreed with Fingrid and that the connection can be powered. A minutes of the commissioning inspection are prepared and sent to the operations specialist. Model Bilateral Liaison Agreement used by the UK National Grid Company (NGC) for customers wishing to connect to their transmission system. This model agreement covers the system login and usage code (CUSC) developed by NGC and submitted for approval to the UK Regulatory Authority (OFGEM). If you are considering a connection to the main network, please contact our customer service. Please fill in the information in the Fingrid card service (in Finnish). Whether it is a developer building a small residential area or an energy company that is building a nuclear power plant, a connection to the grid is required if there is no existing connection.

What is commonly referred to as “the network” consists of: we can provide on-demand test devices to ICP companies that have entered into the continuation of the Rent a Test Probe challenge agreement. The rental of this aircraft is subject to the terms of the EoC Test Prod Hire contract. In addition, when operating in the vicinity or immediate vicinity of Fingrid`s exit direction, it is necessary to always complete a security message in the Fingrid security notification service. We have developed a bilateral agreement combining both network access for live networking and HV operation with the network acceptance agreement. The FNAA agreement allows an ICP/IDNO to sign a comprehensive asset buyback and live implementation agreement in the four WPD areas. A project agreement is reached prior to the connection agreement when Fingrid builds a new substation on the main network to meet the needs of a single customer. An agreement can be reached when the environmental impact assessments requested by the authorities have been completed and the land use process has begun or a decision has been made on the planning solution. The junction is entirely responsible for the construction costs of the substation.

Once a connection offer has been accepted, we may have to enter into a permanent agreement setting the terms of the connection. These may be connection agreements for individual premises or bilateral liaison agreements for on-board networks owned by an independent network manager (IDNO). The connection to the main grid continues in phases. Connections are planned at an early stage in collaboration with the customer. Based on customer connection information, we check the connection possibilities and agree on the connection solution. During the connection planning phase, the client develops more detailed connection plans according to the general connection conditions (YLE) and reviews them with Fingrid, after which construction can begin. The client agreed to launch its timely relationship with Fingrid`s operational organization. The maximum nominal flow of a transformer without mechanical ventilation (ONAN) is 25 MVA. The equipment of the transformer in question in mechanical ventilation (ONAF) allows the transformer to be loaded up to 30 MW. No more than two transformers can be connected to a single connection point, unless the low voltage networks are connected in parallel between the two transformers.