Apr 23, 2012 / by Alisa Hafen / No Comments

Many of us look at what we want to accomplish in a day and think “No way”  Whether we are facing a deadline or spending more time than necessary on “other things”, a little time spent on knowing how long each task will take goes a long way.  This will also help get you through your tasks quickly.

Take some time and plan ahead.  Planning may not be your top priority, but spending a few minutes each day or the night before to plan your day will get you there faster.

Make a “To Do List”.  It will also help prioritize what needs to be done, as well as what could wait, if needs be, for another day.

Don’t panic, even if the list seems long or daunting.  Break down larger tasks into manageable parts.  Delegating, if possible, should also be considered.

Are there some tasks that you can do later, perhaps after you have met any deadlines, which had to be done?  Is there anything you can skip entirely or shortcuts you can take to help speed up the process?  Is it possible to ask for more time on a particular project?

Recognize your priorities and note them.  Generally, you have certain tasks that are more important than others, and it’s important than you focus on these tasks first.

Consider the impact of each and the consequence of not doing it.  Take note of any deadlines you are working towards; if they are intermediate goals, give them intermediate deadlines.

Stay positive.  Your state of mind is critical.  Your motivation will fuel the extra effort and your determination that you will need to get through the tasks.

It’s vital that you balance your pace so that you are not working so quickly that you make mistakes, which could cost you further time in completing the project.

I believe it is also important to take breaks.  For a project over many days, this means getting enough sleep so that you can concentrate when doing the task.  Breaks can also provide a moment for intermediate planning or discussion if you are working as part of a group.

Stay focused and be consistent, as this will help get you through your tasks as efficiently as possible.

Finally, celebrate your accomplishments.  Most tasks do become faster and easier with practice.

Center your thoughts and energy on what you are doing; make sure you allow the necessary time and you will find it becomes easier to “Do what needs to be done.”