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This agreement establishes the intention of the United Kingdom and Australia to continue our cooperation in the civil nuclear sector, which is mutually beneficial to both parties, and provides a framework that repeats the effects of the Euratom-Australia agreement on the bilateral context. WHAT CONCERN The application of nuclear safeguards in all Community Member States, both under the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community (`Euratom Treaty`) and in safeguard agreements between the Community, its Member States and the IAEA; Signing of the agreement on August 21, 2018. For more information, see the published article and the text of the Treaty in the Community, euratom`s guarantees under the Euratom Treaty and the IAEA safeguard clauses in the following safeguard agreements, since they can be revised and replaced, and in accordance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty: the Community applies safeguards based on the Euratom protection system in its question, which offer efficiency and coverage equivalent to those provided by the safeguard agreement in paragraph 1, point a); or, if this is not possible 1. The cooperation provided for in this agreement is in line with the laws and regulations in force in Australia and the European Union, as well as the international agreements concluded by the parties. In the case of the Community, the applicable law includes the Euratom Treaty and its derivative legislation. 2. If any of the paragraph 1 agreements with the IAEA are implemented, it is suspended or denounced, for whatever reason, within the Community or Australia: the party concerned enters into an agreement with the IAEA that provides for efficiency and coverage equivalent to the effectiveness and coverage of the protection agreements covered in paragraph (a) or (b) paragraph 1 or If this is not possible, in the ACCORD that the agreement should be in line with the international obligations of the European Union and the Government of Australia under the World Trade Organization agreements; that nuclear materials intended for nuclear activities relevant to the safeguards covered by Article VII, paragraph 1, are no longer usable or have become virtually unrecoverable. In order to determine when nuclear materials subject to this agreement can no longer be reusable or can no longer be recovered for processing in a form in which they can be used for nuclear activities relevant to safety arrangements, both parties accept a provision adopted by the IAEA in accordance with the provisions relating to the cessation of safeguards of the relevant safeguard agreement in which the IAEA participates; This publication can be viewed`cooperation agreement between the European Energy Community (ECAS Treaty) and the Government of Canada on the peaceful use of the agreement between the Government of Australia and the European Atomic Energy Community on the transfer of nuclear materials from Australia to the European Atomic Energy Community. Euratom member states that do not have bilateral agreements with Australia – letters of complicity have another agreement to the effects of the agreement.

The provisions of the existing bilateral nuclear cooperation agreements between Australia and the Member States of the Community are considered complementary to this agreement and, if necessary, are considered complementary to this agreement and are replaced by the provisions of this agreement.