Jan 31, 2012 / by Alisa Hafen / 1 Comment

As you look at your life today, are you where you want to be?  Do you think you should have been there long ago?  What is holding you back?  What has you paralyzed?   Do you have a goal or a dream that you believe is impossible?  Perhaps you feel you are not worthy of it.

What are you focused on?  Is it the enormity of the task or its complexity?    Or could it be the fact that no one has ever done it?  Is everyone telling you that the reason no one has ever done it before is because it can’t be done?

I know how that feels.  I do.

Be assured, however, that the big beautiful dream is not there to frustrate or intimidate you.  It is there to inspire you, to energize you, to draw you to it – to do it and get it Done.

What do you do when you are held back by doubt and despair?  What do you do when you are faced with the impossible task, the insurmountable problem, the unreachable goal?

Dream about all those great big wonderful things you want to accomplish.  Feel yourself in that sports car with the wind in your face.  See yourself stepping over the threshold of your new dream home.  See yourself addressing a gleeful crowd at your next stockholders meeting.  Feel the excitement rise.

Now…shift your dreaming big into thinking small.

Think about what you will do today.  Focus on six things you can do – six things you will get done today.  Feel the energy pour into you.

Start six minutes before you are scheduled to.  Do the possible.  Make six phone calls.  Send six follow-up emails.  Write today’s affirmation to post on your blog.  Write a fifty-word draft of your blog for next week.   Focus on the possible in the morning.  Save the impossible for after lunch!

You will succeed.  Count on it.  If you are overwhelmed, if the burden feels too great – breathe.  Count breaths.  If it seems you have too far to go, and you feel you’ll never make it, count mile markers in your road.  If mile markers are too much, count the yellow median stripes – they always add up to miles; miles always add up to a successful journey.

Count pages written, phone calls made, customers served.  Count floor tiles as you push slowly down your hall of fame.  Count on your friends and your family for support.  Count on yourself and your Creator.

Focus on the possible, the doable, and do it.  “Doing What Must Be Done.”

Do it every day – without fear, without faltering, and without fail.  Know in your heart that when you do the little things, you will get the big things DONE.