Apr 11, 2012 / by Alisa Hafen / No Comments

How you live your life speaks more eloquently about who you are rather than who you say you are. We need to ask ourselves if we really live our beliefs or are we just delivering “lip service.”

For instance, do you truly believe in World Peace, but have never actively marched in a peaceful demonstration or openly supported our troops and vets?

Many of us are doing our part as far as “Saving Our Planet” by recycling everything we can – from paper to plastic to glass. We can turn off our computers at night and unplug appliances not in use.

There are several things we can do where our actions will truly demonstrate “Going Green” is not just a phrase that environmentalists use, but with little effort, can and should be accomplished.

It’s easier to “talk the talk than walk the walk!” When a person does something – good or bad – everybody will watch and judge what is done – they will connect the action with the words that were spoken.

With the presidential election just around the corner, we see many politicians telling us what we want to hear. The subjects they speak of affect us all – taxes, medical insurance, education. Once elected, how many will really come through with what they said?

There are also times when certain people, because of who they are, seem to be able to do whatever they want and still have the support and love of avid fans. We see this not only in politics, but with celebrities and athletes as well.

Unfortunately, this fact was reiterated once again in the Masters Golf Tournament, held a few days ago, in Augusta, Georgia. For sports fans, particular golf enthusiasts, I am sure you know the incident I am referring to, as well as the golfer.

His action shocked many of us; but, perhaps, even more disgraceful, is that; so far, nothing has been done to discourage his actions. His interview afterwards referred to his golf game requiring more patience!

Sanctions may be taken, but anyone else would have been thrown off the golf course for this embarrassing and childish behavior.

I believe if we can follow through with positive action, rather than just positive talking, we will not only feel better about ourselves, but others will as well.

There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.
Work is not a curse; it is the prerogative of intelligence, the only means to manhood, and the measure of civilization.”

Calvin Coolidge