Nov 06, 2012 / by Alisa Hafen / 2 Comments

Dear Mr. President,

I am very grateful for the service you give and for the example that you are to our country. Being the president must be a tough job, worried about so many things and so many people. That said, I have a very big favor to ask of you that I think will help our country and its people greatly.

My mother and father have always taught me the values of working hard, showing gratitude and finally serving other people before serving yourself. While I learn this in my home, I don’t see this happening in my community very often, and perhaps even with some of my friends that I associate with at school. Mr. President, I want you to know that I live among great people and have great friends, but the values above are being compromised by the things that are less important. I believe we are less happy, less productive, and greedy because of it.

My dad has always worked with his hands. He has taught me that God is not looking for clean hands. God is looking for dirty hands; hands that are blistered, worn out, and dry. Let me explain what I mean. Many adults and kids of this world find excuses to not do work. Some examples are: video games are very fun but they can be addicting if you play for too long. You should set a timer for 30 minutes or so. When the timer goes off, we can be done for the day. Another thing is TV. We all watch a lot of TV. We should not watch as much TV and go spend time with our family. Our phone is a very big problem too. People will text and text until they can’t feel their fingers. We should stop the texting and help our mom and dad with any chores that they want done. All of these things I listed, take away our privileges to do hard work. I live on a farm. It is a little different than living in the city. You have to take care of animals and crops. I have daily chores that I do each day. Each day I have different chores. Since I am used to them, they are enjoyable for me. Every summer my family plants crops. My family has to move water lines each day. At the end of the summer we cut the crops and make them into hay bales for our animals. This is where I have learned to work hard.

My parents have taught me how to be thankful for the things that I have. When we are grateful rather than upset or mad, we can be happy. Some of the blessings that we have, that we don’t think to be thankful for are: We are blessed with a family to keep us comforted, a grocery store that we can go to anytime we want to and get any food we want, a warm house to stay in during the winter, a cozy bed to sleep in at night, and teachers to teach us everything that we need to know when we grow older. Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are to have all of these things, and aren’t grateful for them.

The last and most important is, serving others before serving yourself. I, myself, even have problems with this one. I try my hardest to serve people. When we go to restaurants and fun places with our families, we don’t realize the people that need help. If you go to a restaurant and you see someone that is having a hard time dishing their plate, go and help them, just one tiny action like that can change that persons whole day, or it could possibly even change them for their whole life. It is cool how people can remember such tiny things like that. Some of the services that I have done with my family are; helping the elderly people, visiting widows that just lost their husbands, mowing lawns for neighbors, and I can help the older people feed and water their animals without getting paid. Some of the tiniest things can change the way that person will act around other people.

This is the favor that I ask of you, Mr. President. Please be an example and teach our country how important it is to work hard, show gratitude, and serve others before serving yourself. I feel that if this issue is solved our country will be changed deeply forever.

Kyler Hymas