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Real estate agreements are very important and useful instruments to protect the property rights of unmarried couples. It is important to design the agreement based on a couple`s specific situation, so it is a good idea to consult an experienced family lawyer to discuss your situation. However, if you and your partner want to make sure your agreement is infallible, it is important to hire a lawyer to design it for you. You and your partner can go through the agreement with the lawyer and indicate what aspects of your life you want to include and what factors you want to omit. A residential property contract concerns you and your partner, and should therefore include what corresponds to the specific needs of your relationship. Most agreements include: Unmarried couples, like other people, have the opportunity to create common goods with formalized co-locations and agreements. A housing contract is a legally binding contract that defines ownership in a defined relationship. Couples can get information about: If your relationship involves a large amount of high-quality property or assets, estate planning should be complicated if one partner has many more assets than others, or if you put more assets into the relationship at the beginning, consult a lawyer. In these situations, the management of your cohabitation agreement can only lead you to file written decisions when you separate. In order to clarify each other`s financial obligations, cohabiting couples can enter into a cohabitation contract. A cohabitation contract is a contract subject to California contract law that describes each partner`s financial obligations to the other, both during and after cohabitation. It also indicates the quality of each party if the parties end their relationship.

In the absence of a law granting property rights to unmarried couples, cohabitation property agreements create a number of contractual rights for individual circumstances. For more information on establishing a real estate contract, please contact Boyd Law. Boyd Law Los Angeles divorce lawyers have extensive experience in divorce and family cases throughout California. As a marital or post-uptial agreement, residential real estate agreements do not mean that you expect to dissolve.