Oct 10, 2012 / by Alisa Hafen / No Comments

Einstein once said, “How many people are trapped in their everyday habits; part numb, part frightened, part indifferent? To have a better life we must keep choosing how we’re living.” Everyday we are building our lives. Everyday we must keep choosing what we will do and what we will believe. In choosing, we determine our destiny.

When the doctors told me the statistics of individuals with my same injury and level of paralysis, I had to decide what I believed about what they said. If I did believe them, given the statistics, I could plan on being in an electric wheelchair, being unemployed and unemployable, as well as being divorced. To believe them meant I believed my life was basically over. That was not an option in my mind.

Nobody can determine your fate except you. Nobody can determine your success or your demise except for you. And what determines your success or demise the most, will be your beliefs. What you believe will drive your actions. Your actions will drive your results.

Shondell and I believed we could still have a great marriage. We believed that we could keep our family together. And we have. I believed that I was still a hard worker, and now travel the world assisting others to choose wisely in their lives. Because I refused to believe I was immobile, I drive myself everywhere and travel independently.

It is a choice that we each must make. We must ask ourselves, how much is my life worth? How valuable is my health, my family, my time? How valuable are my abilities, my talents, my hobbies? Am I willing to change small habits that may jeopardize my life as I know it?

Tomorrow the whistle will blow again and someone will be punching in at the time clock. Maybe you’d rather be golfing or fishing or sleeping, but if you’re on the right side of the grass, you’ll be doing pretty good.

Choose to live. Choose to stick around another day. It’s your life. Wring out of it every thrill, every dream, every adventure. And in doing so, take the steps to avoid big trouble all together!