Apr 04, 2012 / by Alisa Hafen / No Comments

Whether you own your own business or work as an employee, a positive attitude can help you achieve success. Those who report to you will usually get more from observing than they do by listening to what you say.

Set goals and ask for support in achieving them. Take a positive approach in accomplishing those goals and overcoming challenges. Your attitude and enthusiasm will spread throughout the workplace.

A positive attitude is just as infectious as a negative one. We have to be careful in which one we foster. If you are an employee, you can create a positive attitude by refusing to participate in negative conversations.

When you’re in a meeting or when you encounter a challenge, instead of dwelling on who is at fault, try to steer the conversation on how the issue can be overcome. Your attitude can affect change if you keep focused.

If you have a positive attitude about achieving goals and success, you will be much more motivated to take action. See challenges as opportunities to grow and become better.

When you’re making a business decision, you can use this same approach and your options will open up. People like positive people. They are automatically drawn to a pleasant and upbeat demeanor.

Your business and personal relationships will definitely improve when you employ a positive attitude.

Be appreciative of everyone who does a good job and gets things done on time. Be especially grateful for those who go above and beyond what they are required to do. Appreciation feels good for both the giver and the receiver.

Focus your attention on things that are going well by taking time to celebrate the victories at work. Praise another individual for a job well done.

When you encounter a problem, put your focus on how you can solve it; then focus on how you can learn from it. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow.

I believe it’s also important to put people into positions that use their strengths. What better way for people to enjoy their job than to have them doing things they’re good at!

Customers would much rather deal with a positive person than someone who is negative. Research alone has shown that sales professionals who think positively and believe in their product have a much better sales performance.

People will be more motivated and get better results when they like what they are doing. Some people like crunching numbers; get them to work on spreadsheets that need to be done. Others like talking to people; place them in customer service. Some people are natural problem solvers; put their skills to use.

If you play on people’s strengths, you’ll see a dramatic shift toward a positive attitude in the workplace.