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Are we all not beggars? Chad Hymas goes homeless downtown in the the streets of Salt Lake City last Saturday afternoon.

A couple weeks ago I heard a marvelous talk by Mr. Jeff R Holland.

His words pierced me to the very core. While listening to his sermon, I thought to myself, “How often have I bypassed somebody else where I could’ve given service? How often have I turned the other cheek and avoided a direct smile or eye contact? How often have I been given an opportunity to lend a helping hand, yet looked away?”

After hearing this man’s words, I realized just how much work I have to do. His profound message had nothing to do with panhandling, giving money to the poor or even commercializing an industry in support of giving money to those homeless on the street holding a cardboard sign. However, his words had everything to do with giving  all that we can when we can. I’m not so sure that we do that. In fact, I know that we don’t. I tested it for myself!

Last Saturday I ventured to downtown Salt Lake City, found my corner and held a cardboard sign that said, “do under others as you would have done unto you.” I had no can or cup in front of me looking to accept money. Rather, my objective was to give a $20 bill to any passerby the looked at me in the eye or came up for a visit. I was simply looking for a smile, a friend.

Three hours I spent on the corner. Three hours!! Thousands walked by and six people stopped. Six out of thousands in three hours. I was ignored, shunned upon, frowned upon and even laughed at. I had $500 in my hat prepared to give away, I was only able to give $120. The $20 that I was to give to each person that stopped was not for themselves or their personal gain, but rather I encouraged them to go find somebody else to serve with that monetary sum.

In summary, I, like Mr. Jeff Holland, do not advocate panhandling, nor do I know who and when you should help, but I can testify that God knows. May you and I continue to comfort those in need. Bless the sick and the weary. Give somebody a smile when no one else is smiling at them. Don’t shun others away. Be a friend to those in our schools and community who don’t have many to call friends. Be willing to walk up and give somebody something to eat. Be willing to give clothing to the naked. We need to be a more loving people! I pray that you might find a desire to act on this with urgency.

Thank you to Nate Woodbury for filming all that took place. Excited for the video to come out next week.

Believe You Can Fly -Chad Hymas