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Sometimes we may be tempted to refuse the “cover” because we have been hurt, or because the concept does not appear in the Bible, especially in the way we have been taught it in the past. True apostolic authority is linked to the function of “Father”. To see the Church as a father would see his own children. Those who are hurt by abusive cover can find great freedom in receiving their umbrella and choose the segments of that umbrella, the messages, and the mission of many fathers to do The work of Christ. Of course, as in nature, we will have primary fathers, but we will also find the “in-laws” through relationships by connecting with a multitude of families around the world. Coverage is not a matter of control, but of protection, encouragement, favor and support. It is a picture of the things we receive through our coverage of Christ. Let us now confront the historical and factual introduction to the Bible! As already mentioned, the key biblical concept that became such a teaching monster was the erroneous and twisted understanding of “spiritual fatherhood” or “apostolic cover.” Here we have the crucial question: who was the spiritual father of whom? Let`s say this: the path you took was not a fortuitous road. The Lord has you in the palm of your hand. You are not forgotten, but indeed, you have been called for a time like this. Through tutoring, spiritual education, formation, doctrine and apostolic mediation, our part in the Church is specific – let us find what God has called you to.

So let us equip you to do this job. We are aware of the abuse that the concept of coverage has played in the Church. Executives who cover in name and association. Recognize that ours is practical and personal. Your family, your service and your mandate are as important to us as you are. So no. We do not accept thousands of spiritual children. We are especially in what we assume, because we seek those who are as complete as we are for Christ. It is part of New Testament Christianity that communities must be built, equipped and matured through continuous relationships with five services. While in the first century this was done primarily through the relationship with the apostles who originally founded the churches, many churches today are discovering the importance of referring to apostles who may not have done pioneering work in the Church, but who, through ongoing relationships, offer a rich source of wisdom and strength. This is what is done when a Church goes beyond mere communion and the reception of the apostles, but goes to the place of identification, recognition and supervision through an apostolic ministry.

This can only be done if a relationship of trust has been established between a Church and an apostolic ministry. Such a relationship takes time to build. The doctrine of apostolic cover is ridiculous, dangerous, mania. It is sold and swallowed in charismatic churches like candy. It`s not spiritual junk food: something you can get out of your system later, which just doesn`t bring food. No no. It`s toxic. It`s going to make you sick. Unfortunately, I know dozens of people whose lives and families have been destroyed by ingenating this doctrinal and relational poison. [subscribe2] The apostolic man who laid the foundations of the local Church must not interfere in the direction of Jesus by acting as the “second head” of the work. There is only one head of expression of the Body of Christ: Jesus. [xv] God sent him (the Holy Spirit) to reveal the head of Christ among his people[xvii], not “to cover the apostles.” We expect those who establish this relationship with us to have committed to training in one of our schools.

If you don`t know what we believe and you agree, how do you know what we have to offer? Responsibility – Apostolic cover gives the pastor someone to whom he can reject accounts, someone to whom he can talk, refer to them and simply ring. . . .