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Each host should consider the Airbnb rental agreement. Although Airbnb`s terms offer protection against multiple items, an agreement is the only option for certain requirements. Airbnb can`t worry about how many people you allow to stay or whether or not you encourage smoking on your premises. The rental agreement allows the host to define all the rules and responsibilities of the hosts and, by signing the contract, the hosts legally agree to respect the rules. In addition to the rules, the agreement also mentions the consequences of an offence. Thus, customers are aware of their responsibilities, and the adverse results of the inability to comply with the rules even before entering your property. 13.5 Termination effect. If you are a host and you cancel your Airbnb account, all confirmed bookings will be automatically cancelled and your customers will be refunded in full. If you terminate your account as a customer, all confirmed bookings will be automatically cancelled and any refund will depend on the cancellation conditions of the booking. If this contract has been terminated, you are not entitled to a restoration of your account or content. If access to the Airbnb platform or use of the Airbnb platform has been restricted, if your Airbnb account has been suspended or if we have terminated that contract, you cannot register a new account or access the Airbnb platform or use it through another member`s account. A reservation via airbnb is a contract/contract between the customer and the host.

You simply need to make sure that the description/cancellation policy/cancellation rules/Damage Deposit/Discounts for longer stays, etc., are clear and fixed before accepting bookings. After acceptance, there is no return to the terms and conditions. If you registered your Airbnb account on or after October 30, 2020, you have already approved updated terms of use, payment terms, non-discrimination policy and other conditions and guidelines. In addition, your use of the Airbnb platform is subject to the updated privacy policy. The updated conditions apply to you and there is nothing more you need to do. The Airbnb rental agreement is the written contract signed between the owner (who leases the property) and the tenant in the short term. The written document is legally enforceable and contains all the specific conditions set by the owner. It aims to protect the owner of the property and to specify the role and responsibilities of the hosts and guests. All rules and regulations that should be respected by guests during their stay are mentioned in the agreement. With this one, all the essential data of the owner is correctly indicated in the agreement.

Every Airbnb host dreams of renting their property only to the best customers.