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Perhaps most strikingly, the agreement deals with international law and UN resolutions on “international agreements”. What about Resolution 2334 on the illegality of Israeli settlements? Or Resolution 478, which calls on all countries to transfer their diplomatic representatives from Jerusalem? What about the UN Charter, which calls on countries to “take effective collective action to prevent and eliminate threats to peace”? Trump and Netanyahu are undermining the whole idea of a rules-based world order. The agreement between Israel and the UAE promises to establish normal relations between the two countries. These include trade relations, tourism, direct flights, scientific cooperation and, over time, full diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level. However, the Emiratis are unlikely to set up their embassy in Jerusalem. An important element of the Abraham Agreement, although not explicitly stated, is the strengthening of security cooperation against regional threats, including from Iran and its deputies. It is important to note that Israel and the UAE already have security relations, but the agreement brings them to the door. Tomorrow, the Israeli Parliament will vote on the agreement to normalize relations with the United Arab Emirates. A large majority will be in favour of an extremely positive step towards the Israeli Government`s objectives: the maintenance of its systematic violations of international law and the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

Parliamentarians who believe in justice and equality will vote against this agreement. But I fear that we are a tiny minority. The alleged kick-off of the deal, based on MBZ`s tweet after its announcement, was to “put an end to Israel`s continued annexation of the Palestinian territories.” In the summer of 2020, Abu Dhabi made it more than clear that it was trying to stop Israel`s plans for the unilateral annexation of parts of the West Bank, a move that has the potential to spark internal unrest throughout the Arab world, inflame conflicts along Israel`s northern front, and turn the coup into a two-state solution. The UAE`s opposition to annexation is not surprising, as the UAE, as a status quo power, is invested in maintaining stability and order in the region.