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15) Participate in the renewal of account contracts 12) Develop in collaboration with management a variety of national partnership agreements 13) Develop proposals for high-level services, implementation agreements and also equipment contracts Our professional asset management company meets all the requirements to work with the best regulated brokers such as IC Markets, Vantagefx, Synergyfx, etc. International anti-money laundering laws only allow the client to make any financing and payment into his broker`s account, and it can only be accepted if the holder of the brokerage account and the holder of the bank account are exactly the same. Asset managers will not receive fees in the event of a month lost to the client`s account and will not be able to refund and re-pay fees until the last losses are fully recovered. 5) Collect business review activities in the area assigned to the industrial specialization of regional/national accounts You can stop trading at any time Signing the retraction form, but we are sure that you do not sign it as soon as you start to get gains consistent with our account management. Each regulated broker has its own specific rules for its Forex account management agreement, according to the financial rules of each country. It is very important to understand that the Forex account management agreement never allows asset managers to finance or withdraw funds from the client`s account. Make sure your investments are fully secured by signing the Foreign Account Management Agreement ( LPOA ). 3) Develop, collect and report account activity reports as well as keep detailed account files with historical status The common rule for all regulated brokers is that the client allows asset managers to exchange the client`s account on his behalf and allows the broker to pay a monthly percentage of fees calculated on last month`s high-water brand gains that the client`s account had profits. 10) Generating the personal sales necessary to fill the personal budget on the account The LPOA or Limited Power of Attorney is a 3-part agreement between the investor, asset managers and broker, control, creation and execution of what is written and signed in the document. This agreement covers the period beginning with [v] Establish a network of prospect accounts develop partnership agreements 14) Participate in transactions to ensure that the execution of all agreements This form of 3 parties (broker, forex investment company, you) just let us negotiate your account.

This is the only transaction we can transfer to your name. We cannot make any other arrangements such as deposits, withdrawals, etc. Only you will be able to make these kinds of transactions. Customer Consultant Hrs Cost Bill Rate Revenue GP Acct Bishop In this case, commissions for Account Manager A are calculated as follows.