Feb 18, 2012 / by Alisa Hafen / No Comments

I recently read a news article that disturbed me and I wanted to share my thoughts with my readers and see what you think. Apparently, a 98-year-old woman was served with eviction papers on her birthday – from her 71-year-old son. He believes she needs to live in a nursing home.

However, she is still able to take care of her home, paying her monthly bills on time, and is in relative good health. She does not want to leave her home. A trial has been set.

Did I mention he wants to sell her home?

Is this how we treat our elders? I remember a time when respecting and appreciating the elderly was a way of life. Several generations actually lived in the same house.

Their opinions and views were sought out by younger members of the family. Even if their advice was not followed, they were usually included in the decision making process, making them feel valued.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, a senior member of the family is fortunate to be included in any discussion, even ones concerning where they might want to live.

Most have devoted their entire life to their family. They deserve to be treated accordingly.

Their knowledge and work ethic has made our country strong. We cannot forget the sacrifices they have made by giving their time and energy to nurture not only their families, but society as well. They may tell their stories over and over again, but we need to hear them over and over again.

I believe those who choose to respect and appreciate the elderly tend to be ahead of their time and appear to be wiser than their years. They will achieve success, happiness and raise families with values.

Our elders have survived hard times; World War II, The Korean War; the Vietnam War. The older generation has survived the Great Depression. Surely, we can learn from them.

Our elderly have so much wisdom; having gone through so many different experiences throughout their lives. Their advice and counsel should be treasured.

Don’t wait for the rude awakening of age to see what you can do today. Open your minds and simply choose to believe that wisdom really does come from experience. One should never be disgraced by their age.

“Learning acquired in youth arrests the evil of old age; and if you understand that old age has wisdom for its food, you will so conduct in youth that old age will not lack for nourishment.”

Leonardo da Vinci